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As I have been reading Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges, my understanding of one key in overcoming sin has increased. Particularly in dealing with sins such as worry, anger, impatience and frustration, faith that God is in control of all details of our lives in invaluable. If I trust that God in His sovereignty allows all situations in my life, I will be less frustrated by them. I will be less likely to lash out in anger at anyone whose actions may interfere with my plans or goals. Daily contemplation of God’s goodness and sovereignty plus great faith in both are essential in the fight against sin.


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From When People Are Big and God Is Small by Ed T. Welch:

“To look to Christ to meet our perceived psychological needs is to Christianize our lusts.  We are asking God to give us what we want, so we can feel better about ourselves, or so we can have happiness, not holiness, in our lives.”

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A pastor in Omaha writes about the shootings there.
Mark Dever explains the “Five Points of Criticism.
Bob Kauflin explains how we sing to one another in Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.
Randy Alcorn writes about Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

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My wife is away this weekend for a women’s retreat, and my children and I are playing the apartment version of Survivor as I am now in charge of meals and even home school until she gets back early Tuesday morning. Please pray for her that she has a great time with the Lord and for us that we survive without her.

Georgia is not playing this weekend so nothing important will happen this weekend in college football. Still, if you are concerned about some unimportant game you can probably find out all you need to know at ESPN College Football and Sporting News. The ALCS continues as well this weekend. For coverage, check out the the Sporting News baseball page.

On the lighter side this weekend, you can brush up on your counseling skills by watching this instructional video. You can also read some great satire at this blog. My oldest son and I got a great laugh out of this one on car insurance ads targeting Calvinists.

And as you try to gear your mind toward the Lord’s Day, you might want to check out these websites and blogs. Here you can find a broader than normal and deeper Biblical understanding on just what sin is. Here are some deep thoughts on the need to hold firm to Scripture and not compromise on its inspiration. And at Faith by Hearing you can find links to audio resources for your spiritual growth in Christ.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to post more on With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray–that is if we survive until then.

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An update on baseball and the playoffs
A debate between Oxford scholars on the existence of God in Birmingham, Alabama, with interesting insights on the New Atheism’s affects on the Christian community
Why downplaying sin does not “lift up” anyone

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In Psalm 130:4 the Bible says, “But with You there is forgiveness so that You should be revered.” As I looked on this verse I was reminded that forgiveness should not be taken for granted. As I ask for God’s forgiveness, I should pause to think on what that means. God does not just simply hand out forgiveness because He is loving. As C.J. Mahaney writes in his book, Living the Cross Centered Life, we would not respect a judge in the court of law who never handed out a punishment and who said to guilty criminals, “You can go free.” Our forgiveness was not free but came at a price, a price that God paid Himself. Jesus, the God-man, died on the cross in my place. He paid the penalty. My forgiveness came at His cost.

That is what should move me to reverence. The infinitely holy and just God of this universe who has every right to wipe me out because of my infinitely unholy sin chose to pay the price of His own justice in my place and chose to forgive me. My response to this should not be for me just to say, “God forgive me” when I pray and move on without a thought. The response should be awe and worship that He loves me so much.

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In the midst of trials and pain, what question should we ask God? Click here to learn more.

Also, here is an article by Sinclair Ferguson on how to handle the sins of others.

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