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Yesterday, I was helping our three-year-old daughter in the bathroom. She pointed to the lavatory and asked, “What is in there?”

I said, “I don’t know.”

Amazed at my ignorance, she said, “Ants.” We have had an ant problem. She then said, “I can’t see ants. What are the ants doing?”

Once again, I displayed my ignorance, “I don’t know.”

She covered her eyes with her tiny hands and said, “They’re doing this. One-two-three.”

I said, “Oh, they’re playing hide and seek.”

Emphatically, she replied with an emphasis on anunciation, “NO! They’re playing hide in SINK!”


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…Tim Challies suggests books for Christmas gifts.

…My favorite Christian writer, Randy Alcorn, has a blog.

…some interesting thoughts on what it means to be community as a church.

…and Christianity as both inclusive and exclusive.

…and by the same writer a piece on on why some of us don’t take criticism very well.

…a workplace related post on when an apology is real. Though the source may be secular, the truth is the same.

…and for some humorous satire (and sad but true at times) try here.

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My wife is away this weekend for a women’s retreat, and my children and I are playing the apartment version of Survivor as I am now in charge of meals and even home school until she gets back early Tuesday morning. Please pray for her that she has a great time with the Lord and for us that we survive without her.

Georgia is not playing this weekend so nothing important will happen this weekend in college football. Still, if you are concerned about some unimportant game you can probably find out all you need to know at ESPN College Football and Sporting News. The ALCS continues as well this weekend. For coverage, check out the the Sporting News baseball page.

On the lighter side this weekend, you can brush up on your counseling skills by watching this instructional video. You can also read some great satire at this blog. My oldest son and I got a great laugh out of this one on car insurance ads targeting Calvinists.

And as you try to gear your mind toward the Lord’s Day, you might want to check out these websites and blogs. Here you can find a broader than normal and deeper Biblical understanding on just what sin is. Here are some deep thoughts on the need to hold firm to Scripture and not compromise on its inspiration. And at Faith by Hearing you can find links to audio resources for your spiritual growth in Christ.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to post more on With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray–that is if we survive until then.

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