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Today is my wife’s birthday, and we are spending it with her family. Last night we went out for dinner and a movie, Fireproof, of which I didn’t have high expectations but turned out to be a very enjoyable movie.

Last year, her birthday was on Thanksgiving and I posted this poem. I am posting it again this year. It has turned out to be one of the most viewed post on this blog.

For my wife’s birthday on Thanksgiving

On a day I count blessings
I count you,
a physical grace,
of unmerited favor to me.
You picture love’s definition
patient, kind, not jealous,
never boasting, appropriate always,
self giving, not provoked,
not keeping records of my wrongs,
bearing all, believing all,
hoping all, enduring all.

Today Thanksgiving Day
I give thanks to God for you
this date of your birth.
The beauty of you in every way
growing with the passing years.
Till death do us part and beyond
I give thanks for the day of your birth,
the day I saw you,
the day you said, “Yes”,
the day we said, “I do”,
this day, everyday, you with me, our love,
for this I give thanks for you.


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I’m on vacation now after months of being very busy.  It is also the first vacation that we have ever taken in the United States from overseas.  I hope to have time to make several post over the next week or so.  Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday so I plan to take her out for dinner and a movie tonight which is something that we haven’t done in years.

I am catching up on election news and people’s views about it. I found this post that helps us to keep a Christian perspective on things.

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My family and I will be in a neighboring country for the next few days for some meetings and to get some medical attention that we can’t get here.  It has been a while since I have written anything, but I hope to get back to writing soon.  I am not sure how much I will have access to WordPress where I am going.  If I do have access, and if I have free time, a combination that is not likely, I may try to write a few thoughts.

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Yesterday, I was helping our three-year-old daughter in the bathroom. She pointed to the lavatory and asked, “What is in there?”

I said, “I don’t know.”

Amazed at my ignorance, she said, “Ants.” We have had an ant problem. She then said, “I can’t see ants. What are the ants doing?”

Once again, I displayed my ignorance, “I don’t know.”

She covered her eyes with her tiny hands and said, “They’re doing this. One-two-three.”

I said, “Oh, they’re playing hide and seek.”

Emphatically, she replied with an emphasis on anunciation, “NO! They’re playing hide in SINK!”

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Out of Town a Few Days

I leave Wednesday to fly to another country for some medical exams because the test that I need are not available here. I am praying that I get a good, clear diagnosis but expect that this could be a drawn out process.

Where I am going, I doubt that I will have access to WordPress, so it may take some time for comments to get posted if anyone leaves any. I have scheduled some post to come out the next couple of days. Please pray for my wife and children while I am away from them these three or so days.

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What irritates me: The way news networks do war and political campaign coverage as if it were a the pre-game show for a college football game.

What I appreciate: A gracious wife who puts up with me fuming about the things that irritate me.

So, what irritates you? What do you appreciate?

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My writing on the blog has been very hit and miss lately. This is partly because I haven’t thought of much to say, my reading has been hit and miss and I just haven’t been feeling well. I will be traveling to a nearby country to get things checked out in about a week and a half. Medical care here for anything more than the flu is not very reliable and tests that can be done here are limited. That’s just a fact of life for living overseas.

Another fact of life about living overseas is that holidays sneak up on you. If someone had not left a comment on one of my previous posts (thanks Todd) about Mother’s Day coming up, I might have missed it and been scrambling to find a nice e-card today from Dayspring or something like that. Instead, I was able to go buy a couple of nice gifts yesterday, one from the children with money they contributed and one from me. I also fixed breakfast this morning while disturbing my wife with the typical male questions such as, “Is it supposed to take this long?” Usually I ask even more intelligent questions on the rare occasions when I cook such as, “How do I know when it is done?” I had the added challenge of help from our two year old daughter, who also took the liberty of waking up her teenage brothers and calling them to breakfast when it was done. I suspect that in ten to twelve years they will bring her future nieces and nephews over not to see the grandparents but to wake their aunt up in the mornings.

Anyhow, if you need some good Sunday afternoon reading, you might want to check these out. C.J. Mahaney has posted a chapter about modesty from his upcoming book entitled Worldliness. You can find the chapter is seven parts here. It’s a good explanation of the passage in 1 Timothy 2. Bob Kauflin also answers the question, are hymns too weighty for worship? Randy Alcorn shared his list of favorite non-fiction books. Also, CBMW’s blog gives good advice for couples whose families may disapprove of their Biblical lifestyle and family choices. Much of what they say applies to any circumstance in which we may find that we face criticism or disapproval for the choices and stands that we make.

Hopefully, I will feel up to writing more this week.

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