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What irritates me: When people state the obvious and think they are something for having noticed it. For example, you’re favorite college football team is down by ten in the fourth quarter. They get the ball in good field position, and the TV play-by-play commentator says, “They really need to try to score here.” More irritating is that the guy gets paid to say it.

What I appreciate: Larry Munson, who has done Georgia football games all my life.


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It is 28 weeks until Georgia kicks off against Georgia Southern.

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It is Saturday, Dec. 29, and so far I am 7-2 in predictions. The coin on the other hand is 3-6 which proves that I am smarter than a piece of metal. Anyhow it is time to predict the January 1st and beyond games, which used to mean something, but that was before ESPN got really desperate for programming.

Outback Bowl: Tennessee vs. Wisconsin. If you read blogs written by Big We Can’t Count Past 10 conference fans you get the impression that these are people in need of counseling. They suffer from a tremendous inferiority complex especially to the SEC, and they are filled with resentment, spite, and bitterness. Well, they should feel inferior, because they are. Yet, they should feel better after this game. I pick Wisconsin to win this one. However, my coin picks Tennessee.

Cotton Bowl: Missouri vs. Arkansas. Missouri feels jilted. Arkansas lacks respect. They chased a decent coach off and got a horse trader in his place. SEC superiority will not reveal itself here. Missouri will show it should have been in a BCS game. My coin agrees with me on this one.

Capitol One Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida. Big We Can’t Count Past 10 conference fans shouldn’t change channels after the Tennessee/Wisconsin game to watch this one. Don’t do it to yourself. Keep the good feelings as long as you can. I think Florida will win this one, which is sad because it would be nice if Loyd Carr could go out with a win. The coin thinks that he will with a Michigan win.

Gator Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Virginia. I have no real feelings about this game other than that Texas Tech will win. My coin thinks so, too.

Rose Bowl (aka How Stuck in the Mud of Tradition Can You Be Bowl): No good feelings for Big 10 fans will come out of this one. USC will win, but I am starting to suspect my coin might not be in touch with reality. The coin picks Illinois.

Sugar Bowl: Hawaii vs. GEORGIA. Hawaii is the darling of the media right now. They are undefeated, which is not easy no matter how pathetically easy the schedule was. A lot of people are thinking Georgia will go down. I think the first half will be close, but I look for Georgia to adjust and pull away in the second half. And my coin agrees, and it better be glad it does.

Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia vs. Oklahoma. With the end of season loss and the subsequent loss of a coach with ensuing ugliness I just don’t think West Virginia will be able to focus on the field. I pick Oklahoma. Once again, the coin sees it my way.

Orange Bowl: Kansas vs. Virginia Tech. This should be an interesting game. I really don’t think that Kansas is as good as its record, but the coin does. I pick Virginia Tech and it picks Kansas.

International Bowl: Rutgers vs. Ball State. Why? Does Toronto really need a bowl game? Does ESPN need to fill time slots on the schedule? Are there people so desperate to watch college football that they will watch this game? I suppose the answer is yes to all. And yes, I would probably be one of those people desperate enough to watch it. I’m predicting a Rutgers win. The coin agrees.

GMAC Bowl: Bowling Green vs. Tulsa. This must be another attempt to keep people awake until the national championship game. I pick Bowling Green. The coin sees it my way.

BCS Championship: Ohio State vs. LSU. Ohio State has carried the pain of last year’s loss to Florida. They hate the SEC. They hate the lack of respect for the Big We Can’t Count Past 10 conference. And they just might win, but I don’t think so. I pick LSU to win, but the coin picks Ohio State.

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I’m a little late as two bowl games have already been played. It is just as well as I would have gotten both wrong. To make this a little more interesting I am going to give my prediction and occasionally a reason why. I am also going to flip a coin,after the LSU vs. Ohio State game, we can compare educated guesses against blind chance.

Here it goes..

Papajohns.com Bowl: Southern Miss vs. Cincinnati. Southern Miss deserves whatever it gets after what they did to their head coach. I pick Cincinnati. The coin agrees.

New Mexico Bowl: Nevada vs. New Mexico. If you can’t get invited to a bowl game, make up one. I pick New Mexico and have no idea why. The coin picks Nevada.

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl: UCLA vs. BYU. I predict that this is the only joy Mitt Romney has in the coming weeks as BYU will win. The coin obviously has some deep concerns about a Mormon being president and takes UCLA.

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Boise State vs. East Carolina. I take Boise State and shouldn’t even have to explain why. The coin is just as intelligent.

Motor City Bowl: Purdue vs. Central Michigan. Why, oh why, do they play? Purdue stomped Central Michigan in the regular season. They will win again. The coin obviously lacks that piece of inside information and picks Central Michigan.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Arizona St vs. Texas. Finally, a good match up. I pick Arizona St in what should be a good game. The coin picks Texas.

Texas Bowl: All for the sake of selling cable television packages in Texas. I’m picking TCU to win. The coin picks Houston.

Champs Sports Bowl: Really, does anyone feel a greater urge to buy shoes at Champs as a result of this? How many of you are picking up the phones to call Pacific Life? Perhaps, you will go to papajohns.com, but is it because of the bowl game? I digress. I pick Boston College. Finally, the coin agrees with me once again.

Emerald Bowl: I bet Georgia Tech fans are glad to be playing in Boise, Idaho, instead of here. I like Oregon State to win. The coin picks Maryland.

Meineke Car Care Bowl: UConn vs. Wake Forest. A game with a funny name gets what should be a good match up. I pick Wake Forest. The coin agrees.

Autozone Liberty Bowl: Central Florida vs. Mississippi State. I’m pulling for Mississippi State. The coin has a problem with that a picks Central Floria.

Valero Alamo Bowl: Penn State vs. Texas A&M. This would have been a great match-up–in the 1970s. Penn State will win, but the coin takes A&M.

Petrosun Independence Bowl: Proof that there are too many bowl games is that whoever loses will have a losing season. I think Alabama has too much pride to lose. The coin thinks otherwise and picks Colorado.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl: California vs. Air Force. I pick Air Force because California has already crashed. The coin agrees.

Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Fresno State. Sorry bugs, but I am picking Fresno State, but the coin has faith in you. He believes that despite your shortcomings that you Techies can win.

Sun Bowl: South Florida vs. Oregon: South Florida should win. What? The coin doesn’t agree. I think this coin is questioning my intelligence.

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: I had thought Kentucky would win even before the suspension of Florida State players. Now, I know they will, but the coin doesn’t think so.

Insight Bowl: Indiana vs. Oklahoma St. I am hoping that Indiana will win. The coin does, too.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl: I love Chick-Fil-A as much as anyone. It is one of the first places that I go when I am back in the US, but this is the Peach Bowl as far as I am concerned and always will be. Clemson vs. Auburn. I pick Auburn to win and hold up the good standing of the SEC, and the coin has agreed with me two times in a row.

That gets us to the end of December. I will write about the January bowl games later.

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San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
Utah vs. Navy
San Diego
Dec. 20 9 p.m. (ESPN HD)

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Memphis vs. Florida Atlantic
New Orleans
Dec. 21 8 p.m. (ESPN2 HD)

Papajohns.com Bowl
Southern Miss vs. Cincinnati
Birmingham, Ala.
Dec. 22 1 p.m. (ESPN2 HD)

New Mexico Bowl
Nevada vs. New Mexico
Albuquerque, N.M.
Dec. 22 4:30 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl
Las Vegas
Dec. 22 8 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
Boise State vs. East Carolina
Dec. 23 8 p.m. (ESPN)

Motor City Bowl
Purdue vs. Central Michigan
Dec. 26 7:30 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
Arizona State vs. Texas
San Diego
Dec. 27 8 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Texas Bowl
TCU vs. Houston
Dec. 28 8 p.m. (NFL Network)

Champs Sports Bowl
Boston College vs. Michigan State
Orlando, Fla.
Dec. 28 5 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Emerald Bowl
Maryland vs. Oregon State
San Francisco
Dec. 28 8:30 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Meineke Car Care Bowl
UConn vs. Wake Forest
Charlotte, N.C.
Dec. 29 1 p.m. (ESPN HD)

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
UCF vs. Mississippi State
Memphis, Tenn.
Dec. 29 4:30 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Valero Alamo Bowl
Penn State vs. Texas A&M
San Antonio
Dec. 29 8 p.m. (ESPN HD)

PetroSun Independence
Alabama vs. Colorado
Shreveport, La.
Dec. 30 8 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
California vs. Air Force
Fort Worth, Texas
Dec. 31 12:30 p.m. (ESPN)

Roady’s Humanitarian
Georgia Tech vs. Fresno State
Boise, Idaho
Dec. 31 2 p.m. (ESPN2)

Sun Bowl
South Florida vs. Oregon
El Paso, Texas
Dec. 31 2 p.m. (CBS)

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl
Kentucky vs. Florida State
Nashville, Tenn.
Dec. 31 4 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Insight Bowl
Indiana vs. Oklahoma State
Tempe, Ariz.
Dec. 31 6 p.m. (NFL Network)

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Clemson vs Auburn
Dec. 31 7:30 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Outback Bowl
Wisconsin vs. Tennessee
Tampa, Fla.
Jan. 1, 2008 11 a.m. (ESPN HD)

AT&T Cotton Bowl
Missouri vs. Arkansas
Jan. 1, 2008 11:30 a.m. (FOX)

Gator Bowl
Texas Tech vs. Virginia
Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 1, 2008 1 p.m. (CBS)

Capital One
Michigan vs. Florida
Orlando, Fla.
Jan. 1, 2008 1 p.m. (ABC HD)

Rose Bowl presented by Citi
Illinois vs. USC
Pasadena, Cal.
Jan. 1, 2008 4:30 p.m. (ABC HD)

Allstate Sugar Bowl
Hawaii vs. Georgia
New Orleans
Jan. 1, 2008 8:30 p.m. (FOX)

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma vs. West Virginia
Glendale, Ariz.
Jan. 2, 2008 8 p.m. (FOX)

FedEx Orange Bowl
Virginia Tech vs. Kansas
Jan. 3, 2008 8 p.m. (FOX)

International Bowl
Rutgers vs. Ball State
Jan. 5, 2008 Noon (ESPN2 HD)

Bowling Green vs. Tulsa
Mobile, Ala.
Jan. 6, 2008 8 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Allstate BCS Championship Game
LSU vs. Ohio State
New Orleans
Jan. 7, 2008 8 p.m. (FOX)

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I am a graduate of the University of Georgia and love college football.  As I expected, they got passed over for the so-called National Championship game.  My wife is a graduate of LSU and probably would not know that LSU is in the National Championship game if I didn’t tell her–to which she responded, “Oh, OK.”  That was it–no emotion at all.  In the meantime, Georgia will play the Rainbow Warriors, and I’m not even going to make a comment about the impression that makes.

One safe prediction: If LSU destroys Ohio State, which I think they should, Ohio State fans will fill their blogs and fan bulletin boards with statements that “really” Ohio State is the best team.  They did it after losing to Florida by a ton.  They will do it again.

Anyhow, I hope LSU wins, and that Georgia makes a statement that will be remembered next year.

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I haven’t said a lot about college football in several weeks because I have had very little time and would rather write on things of greater eternal significance. Still, it has been fun to hear of the revival of excitement for the Georgia Bulldogs. It has also been interesting to read the complaints and criticisms of Coach Mark Richt from fans of other teams and some journalists.

College football is a passion (and religion) for many people. It brings out the worst as this article about an incident in Nebraska shows. I remember when Alabama fans threw rocks through Bill Curry’s window when he was coach there. While a student at UGA, I remember having to leave a game because I got disgusted at hearing the racial epithets yelled at Wayne Johnson and James Jackson when they threw interceptions.

But, college football is a game, and a fun one at that. It seems Georgia’s team is having fun and the coach is, too. However, many think that somehow he has changed as a person. I think a better explanation of the difference can be found here. I am surprised that dancing on the sidelines some how brings accusations of being a group of thugs. Some have suggested that Mark Richt has lost control of the team and that he is acting less than Christian. It seems that to some people if 18-22 year olds have fun and score more than 40 points a game, it is somehow un-Christian. I’ve been looking at blogs by Georgia fans and have come to the conclusion that UGA has produced way too many Democrat lawyers with too much time on their hands. Some have suggested that we now have an “Evil Richt” or “Darth Richt”.

In any line of work, the Christian should strive for excellence. For a college football coach, that is measured by wins and losses, graduation rates, and influence on young men. Many think Christian athletes do not care about winning. Not worshiping at the altar of wins and losses and not caring are two different things. One can care about winning, but not see it as eternally significant.

It seems to me that all Mark Richt is doing is trying to push his team to a new level of excellence. Like many leaders, once he was able to see the big picture after having to fix details, he has been able to push the team to a higher level of performance. It happens in sports and in business.

I am happy that the excitement and fun is back in Georgia football. Sadly though, too many people worship it, and the man they hail as hero this week will be villain next week if they lose to Kentucky.

Have a great weekend.

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