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I have to make a confession. In general, I don’t use my time well. I have those burst of organization and time well used that last a few weeks or perhaps a couple of months, but in general, the course of my life reveals a poor use of time. It would be easy to blame it on the overwhelming demands of a million calls on my attention, but it really comes down to this fact. I lack discipline, which I define as the ability to focus on the most important things needed to accomplish the most eternal objectives while avoiding distractions. The problem is that I enjoy the distractions and the escape. I am self-centered and in the guise of needing down time or time to recharge my batteries, I can escape into my own little world and do very little of eternal significance.

C.J. Mahaney has written a great series of post on his blog about redeeming the time. I found it very helpful and the links are below.

Are You Busy?
Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator
The Procrastinator Within
Just Do It
In All Thy Ways
The Sluggard
Time. Redeemed.
Roles, Goals, Scheduling
Roles (Part 1)
Roles (Part 2)

These posts have been very helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction. I hope they help anyone who sees this post as well.


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Here is a excerpt from an interview with John Piper about doing the hard things in obedience to God.

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I found a helpful post on doubt at C.J. Mahaney’s Sovereign Grace Blog.

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My writing on the blog has been very hit and miss lately. This is partly because I haven’t thought of much to say, my reading has been hit and miss and I just haven’t been feeling well. I will be traveling to a nearby country to get things checked out in about a week and a half. Medical care here for anything more than the flu is not very reliable and tests that can be done here are limited. That’s just a fact of life for living overseas.

Another fact of life about living overseas is that holidays sneak up on you. If someone had not left a comment on one of my previous posts (thanks Todd) about Mother’s Day coming up, I might have missed it and been scrambling to find a nice e-card today from Dayspring or something like that. Instead, I was able to go buy a couple of nice gifts yesterday, one from the children with money they contributed and one from me. I also fixed breakfast this morning while disturbing my wife with the typical male questions such as, “Is it supposed to take this long?” Usually I ask even more intelligent questions on the rare occasions when I cook such as, “How do I know when it is done?” I had the added challenge of help from our two year old daughter, who also took the liberty of waking up her teenage brothers and calling them to breakfast when it was done. I suspect that in ten to twelve years they will bring her future nieces and nephews over not to see the grandparents but to wake their aunt up in the mornings.

Anyhow, if you need some good Sunday afternoon reading, you might want to check these out. C.J. Mahaney has posted a chapter about modesty from his upcoming book entitled Worldliness. You can find the chapter is seven parts here. It’s a good explanation of the passage in 1 Timothy 2. Bob Kauflin also answers the question, are hymns too weighty for worship? Randy Alcorn shared his list of favorite non-fiction books. Also, CBMW’s blog gives good advice for couples whose families may disapprove of their Biblical lifestyle and family choices. Much of what they say applies to any circumstance in which we may find that we face criticism or disapproval for the choices and stands that we make.

Hopefully, I will feel up to writing more this week.

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