Thanksgiving and Prayer

Before sharing some reasons for giving thanks, I want to just express my prayers for the people in Mumbai, India, and those affected by the terrorist attacks there. My heart goes out to the people of Mumbai and the foreigners caught in that tragedy. I pray for a quick end to the situation.

At the same time, I want to express thanks to God for His grace and salvation through Jesus Christ. I am thankful for my wife and children. I am thankful that we are able to visit with family in the United States this year and spend some time with loved ones. I am appreciative that God has given us His Word in the Bible and the gift of prayer. I hope that all of you all have a great Thanksgiving day.


Joshua Harris quotes G.K. Chesterton about having the wrong kind of humility.

Remembering My Wife’s Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday, and we are spending it with her family. Last night we went out for dinner and a movie, Fireproof, of which I didn’t have high expectations but turned out to be a very enjoyable movie.

Last year, her birthday was on Thanksgiving and I posted this poem. I am posting it again this year. It has turned out to be one of the most viewed post on this blog.

For my wife’s birthday on Thanksgiving

On a day I count blessings
I count you,
a physical grace,
of unmerited favor to me.
You picture love’s definition
patient, kind, not jealous,
never boasting, appropriate always,
self giving, not provoked,
not keeping records of my wrongs,
bearing all, believing all,
hoping all, enduring all.

Today Thanksgiving Day
I give thanks to God for you
this date of your birth.
The beauty of you in every way
growing with the passing years.
Till death do us part and beyond
I give thanks for the day of your birth,
the day I saw you,
the day you said, “Yes”,
the day we said, “I do”,
this day, everyday, you with me, our love,
for this I give thanks for you.

Long time, no writing

I’m on vacation now after months of being very busy.  It is also the first vacation that we have ever taken in the United States from overseas.  I hope to have time to make several post over the next week or so.  Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday so I plan to take her out for dinner and a movie tonight which is something that we haven’t done in years.

I am catching up on election news and people’s views about it. I found this post that helps us to keep a Christian perspective on things.

This story comes from India.

At Of First Importance there is a quote on how the Cross subverts evil.

Joshua shares Biblical truth for the financial crisis.

Christians in Mosul, Iraq, are being killed and forced to flee. The article alludes to the historical background of this but does not explain it fully. These believers are not likely Muslims who converted to Christianity but rather Christians from their family background or particular ethnic background. If they were converts, such radical groups would likely kill them for conversion. Historically, as Islam spread and conquered areas, Christians were allowed to live but had to pay a tax or be forced to convert. What is being seen in Mosul is a practice that dates to Islam’s earliest days. Let’s remember our persecuted brothers and sisters everywhere.

Taking risk

Here is a excerpt from an interview with John Piper about doing the hard things in obedience to God.