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I have to make a confession. In general, I don’t use my time well. I have those burst of organization and time well used that last a few weeks or perhaps a couple of months, but in general, the course of my life reveals a poor use of time. It would be easy to blame it on the overwhelming demands of a million calls on my attention, but it really comes down to this fact. I lack discipline, which I define as the ability to focus on the most important things needed to accomplish the most eternal objectives while avoiding distractions. The problem is that I enjoy the distractions and the escape. I am self-centered and in the guise of needing down time or time to recharge my batteries, I can escape into my own little world and do very little of eternal significance.

C.J. Mahaney has written a great series of post on his blog about redeeming the time. I found it very helpful and the links are below.

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These posts have been very helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction. I hope they help anyone who sees this post as well.


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Man is impressed by activity. God is impressed with obedience.— Terry Virgo

Prayerful waiting on God is indispensable to effective service. Like the time-out in a football game, it enables us to catch our breath and fix new strategy. As we wait for directions, the Lord frees us from the tyranny of the urgent. He shows us the truth about himself, ourselves, and our tasks. He impresses on our minds the assignments he wants us to undertake. The need itself is not the call; the call must come from the God who knows our limitations. “…The Lord pitieth them that fear him. For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust” (Psalm 103:13-14). It is not God who loads us until we bend or crack with an ulcer, nervous breakdown, heart attack, or stroke. These come from our inner compulsions coupled with the pressure of circumstances. — Charles Hummel

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I found this poem in the margin of the book I am using with my sons for discipleship.

The clock is my dictator, I shall not rest.
It makes me lie down only when exhausted.
It leads me to deep depression.
It hounds my soul.
It leads me in circles of frenzy for
activity’s sake.
Even though I run frantically from task
to task, I will never get it all done,
For my “ideal” is with me.
Deadlines and my need for approval,
they drive me.
They demand performance from me,
beyond the limits of my schedule.
They anoint my head with migraines.
My in-basket overflows.
Surely fatigue and time pressure shall
follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the bonds of
frustration forever.
— Marcia K. Hornok

The name of the book is Disciplines for Life: Steps to Spiritual Strength, revised edition, by C.J. Mahaney and John Loftness.  It is among the resources that can be downloaded from the website of Sovereign Grace Ministries.

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