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A few years ago, I read about the need to keep a log of activities that one does in order to know if one is effectively using time or not. I tried it for a couple of weeks and found it very helpful. I used it not only to keep up with my work activities, but all of my activities for 24 hours a day for two weeks. It was very eye opening. I had good days and bad days in regard to time management. I also found effective ways to multitask (what I usually have considered to be handling multiple distractions) such as commuting to the office with a co-worker and talking about work related issues along the way or listening to language recordings (I am learning the local language) while exercised or did other things. If you wonder where your time is going, keeping a log is a great way to find out and to learn how you can better manage you tasks and work flow.


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Please pray for people in Louisiana as they prepare for this hurricane. Also, lift up those in Cuba and others who have been impacted by this storm. For details about emergency preparations and conditions you can go to this site.

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Life is hectic and busy this week, so I only have a few links to things that might be of interest.

Someone wrote some poignant thoughts on the tragedy in the Steven Curtis Chapman family.

Can a non-Christian be part of a worship leadership team? I don’t think so.

The Object and Cause of Faith is the cross.

On a more secular theme there is how to organize you workspace and how to cram all your travel gear in one suitcase.

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WordPress came up with this related links feature, which I thought might be a good thing, but it was not. Last week I wrote how it irritates me that some people feel like they have to use profanity to make a point. It turns out that one of the related links went straight to a blog that used profanity. So, I turned the feature off. I hope that I caught it before anyone found that link. If not, I apologize. One lesson to remember is that when you use a free service like WordPress you don’t necessarily get a vote in the product. Still, it did allow me to turn off the feature and it has some other features that I like. Hopefully, it won’t happen again or they will come up with a way to remove links that are not truly related or that the author does not like.

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the one that I wrote on internet accountability. More than twice as many people have looked at that post than the one in second place. Most find it through search engines. One of the nice things about WordPress is that I can see what search engine terms people use to find that post. Half appear to be looking for information about which internet filter to use, but the other half are looking for information on “how to get around” internet filters. So it seems about half are concerned for the influence of pornography on their selves and their families and the other half want to find out how they can get around filters in their places of work, homes or libraries. Well, if you are here looking for a way to get around a filter, you’re not going to find it. Even if I know how, I am not going to tell you.

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What irritates me: People who write or speak who think that using profanity, calling names and insulting those who disagree with them and believe that it somehow makes their case.

What I appreciate: Civil discourse and conversation.

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for your own sakes, don’t forget that today is Valentine’s Day.

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